Sunday, May 29, 2011

bellla and beau.

so right now i feel like writing about two of my favorite people in the whole world, beau and bella. they are two of my younger siblings beau is a boy and bella is a girl. they are so cute and funny! like last night for example:
BEAU: daddy can i have a quarter?
BELLA: me too!
DAD: okay i guess here you go
MOM: what do you say?
BEAU: thank you bella
BELLA: your welcome, thank you beau
BEAU: your welcome
that was the funniest thing ever! they grow up so fast.. .... ..... haha

Saturday, May 28, 2011

im back!

I have not been on this blog since i was nine years old and to tell you the truth my posts were really dumb! haha i have no i idea what to talk about. So now I'm 11 pretty much 12 so i made my title diary of a 12 year old. My mom says i was alot sweeter when i was nine. But i think i was alot weirder when i was nine, not that i am not weird now i am just a different kind of weird. now i am a funny weird. haha thats funny get it? i want this blog to explain me so i am trying to make it like me. so my backround took a long to time to pick(of course). my font for all the writing was very easy though. well its nice getting back on this blog, it feels like i am writing one big e-mail. will be writing again soon! ISIS your love <3

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

home school

well I've been sick since yesterday.So i was begging and begging to be home-schooled and all my mom would say was:"I'll think about it". Or she would say:"maybe". I very much would love to be home-schooled.Look at this picture and tell me how cute it is.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mothers day!!!

Today is mothers day.And its6:46 my mom
is still sleeping.The whole family is going to
my aunt and uncles house for mothers day.
I got my mom a candle holder,a home-made card,a salad bowl and love.I am going to
write down my family blog and recite it to the family.I will make up a poem and read that
to the family to.This is my poem:When the sun rises its for all you moms you know your work for the day has just begun but not today for today is a special day its mothers day!

Saturday, May 9, 2009


Life is hard for me.Because i go threw many hard lessons.I'm a freaking nine year old all nine year olds have problems.I have crazy friends that are always annoying.But then again were friends.And i have the most amazing family!you wouldn't even be live.They do the most amazing things.For example my "Mom" she is probably the best cook in the WORLD!!!My grandmas nae-nae and na-na are the BEST.Na-na gives me like whatever i want and nae-nae keeps me extra safe (so does na-na)My aunt and uncle are tight.They rock my world. When it comes to holidays i get the best presents from them!!!!!!My grandpa is very nice and very friendly.(he-he)My cousins are awesome i couldn't ask for anything better!My dad the amazing golfer.His instincts are excellent


Hi my name is Isis I have six siblings its quite a bit. But i love them all i have three brothers and three sisters .Life is a dream.I'm nine years old and going on ten this summer.I love to just run and play sports,most people say I'm a tom-boy.Tomorrow is mothers day and I'm making an (possibly) awesome video.I hope my mom will have the best mothers day EVER!!!